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●ou walk in, t■he strong smell o●f dried fish or◆ other kinds of pun■gent spices〓 hit you right ●away. And 〓it creates a se●nse of fascination,●" said Laughl●in, professor 〓of Chinese liter◆ature and ch●air of the〓 Department○ of East Asian Lang◆uages, Litera■tures and Cultures● at the Universit◆y of Virginia●.Those visits to t■he Asian sup●ermarket and● Chinese restauran〓ts

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  • had led to La〓ughlin's decision ●to study Ch■inese in his secon〓d year at th●e University of M■innesota. N■ow, for the 5〓5-year-old

  • profes●sor, it has alrea◆dy been his "conge○nial career" to● study and transl■ate contem○porary and presen●t-age Chinese● literatur

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e.EMER〓GENCE OF CHI■NESE LITERA◆TUREContemporary Ch◆inese literature s○tarted to tak○e o

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